Customizing splash screen

The splash screen used by the USB sensor can be customized to show your own image. You will have to download the live-usb sensor files (the first step in 1b._bootable_usb).

Before we start, we will have to install the necessary packages (netpbm, syslinux):

apt-get install netpbm syslinux

Now make your own splash image as a .png image with your image editor of choice.

Convert the .png file to a .pnm file using pngtopnm:

pngtopnm splash.png > splash.pnm

Now convert the splash.pnm file to a rle file using ppmtolss16:

ppmtolss16 "#000000=0" "#ffffff=7" < splash.pnm > splash.rle

The splash.rle file is the file you will be using on your USB. Copy your new splash.rle file over the old one:

#/home/: cp splash.rle ./usb_sensor/config/binary_syslinux/

Now continue with the steps in 1b._bootable_usb to create your USB.

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