Sensor 3.10

  • Added locking option for the sensor menu.
  • Added support for APT manipulation via the server.
  • Added config option to enable/disable automatic sensor updates.
  • Added OID support.
  • Added watch script for OpenVPN tunnel.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

Sensor 3.07

  • Improved sensor GUI.
  • Better error handling.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Sensor 3.00

  • Complete rewrite of the sensor in Python.
  • Sensor support for regular Debian-like systems.
  • USB sensor based on Debian Live.
  • No more Knoppix remastering.
  • VLAN sensors now only require 1 IP address per VLAN (instead of 2) resulting in a total amount of IP addresses of VLANs + 1.

Logging server 3.10

  • Support for Kippo (a medium interaction SSH honeypot)
  • Improved google map functionality
  • Support for APT interaction via the webinterface
  • Improved Ethernet module screens
  • Support for binary hash lookups
  • Support for public RSS feeds
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Improved database handling in the installer

Logging server 3.04

  • Fixed bugs: 178, 181, 185, 187, 192, 193, 196, 205, 206, 207, 220
  • Fixed IGMP protocol detection
  • Fixed pubDate bug in RSS feed
  • Fixed checkSID function
  • Improved whois functionality (Cymru lookups)
  • Improved Detected Protocols page
  • Improved ARP cache page
  • Added subtypes for ICMP protocol
  • Added Dionaea support
  • Added Amun support
  • Added SMTP honeypot support
  • Added GeoIP database download script
  • Added support for public RSS feeds
  • Added top malicious countries module
  • Added top malware hosts module
  • Added janitor for syslog table

Logging server 3.00

  • Flash graphs.
  • Centralized logging of all scripts via the webinterface (admin only).
  • Sensor grouping.
  • Mail reports with UTC time format.
  • The ability to always let a mail report even if there's nothing to report. Useful for automated systems receiving the emails.
  • Home page now configurable.
  • Sensor status page now configurable.
  • More help information directly available in the web interface.

Tunnel server 3.10

  • OpenVPN 2.1 supported now
  • Added IPv6 MitM attack detection to the ethernet modules.
  • Added janitor script to make sure pof and the ethernet detection scripts keep running properly.
  • Added support for APT interaction with the sensor.
  • Moved the log locations to /var/log/surfids/.
  • Added logrotate script for the logs.
  • Fixed bug where routes weren't cleaned up properly after a sensor went down.

Tunnel server 3.04

  • Fixed memory, traffic & CPU graphs
  • Fixed bugs: 151, 182, 190, 193, 201, 204, 212
  • Fixed bug in uptime query
  • Added database RRD script
  • Fixed reset_sensors_db script

Tunnel server 3.00

  • All scripts now log to /var/log/surfids.log.
  • Tap devices for each sensor are now named according to the sensor that has created them.
  • VLANs will be ending on the tunnel server now instead of the sensor.
  • New and improved scanbinaries script.
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