Hall of fame

Hereby we would like to thank and give credit to the following people for helping out in this project:

  • GOVCERT.NL - For joining their efforts with us in this project.
  • Paul Baecher, Thorsten Holz, Markus K├Âtter, Georg Wicherski of the Nepenthes/MWcollect team. For aiding us to implement Nepenthes as one of the honeypots for the SURFids system.
  • David DeCoster of the University of Wisconsin - For providing input, helping with testing and implementing of the SURFnet IDS.
  • Hiroshi Suzuki and colleagues of NTT-CERT - For providing remastering tips, bugfixes and input on the system.
  • Auke Folkerts - For his work on Argos replaying and SURFids 3.00.

Students OS3

This is a list of students from the OS3 (System & Network Engineering) study at the University of Amsterdam that have worked on the SURFnet IDS system.

  • Lourens Bordewijk, Jimmy Mace - For auditing the security.
  • Mark Meijerink, Jonel Spellen - For researching the possibility for multiple honeypots.
  • Rob Buijs, Pieter Siekerman - For researching the functionality of additional detection tools.
  • Coen Steenbeek, Michael Rave - For researching the possibility of a desktop sensor client.
  • Reinier Schoof, Ralph Koning - For researching detection methods for detecting p2p bots.

Other students

  • Roberto Nebot Gozalbo - For his master thesis on the security of the SURFnet IDS.
  • Peter Arts, a student of the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven - For developing the multiple honeypot structure.
  • Yusuf Gungormus, a student of the HVU in Utrecht - For developing multiple VLAN support on the sensor.
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