Development / Wish list

In Development

  • Language file
  • Make it possible to classify sensors in groups
  • Stability sensors

Todo list

  • Fix the NAT problems on the server side.
  • Intergrate A-select login infrastucture (A-Select).

Wish list

  • EBtables on the sensor to enable the use of only 1 IP instead of 2
  • Binding a network range of IP's on the sensor instead of just 1 (hence monitoring much more at once).
  • Dynamic SQL query wizard (to generate even more dynamic reports).
  • Snort integration
  • Integration & Correlation of FLOW data into SURFids
  • Software to redirect unused PC ports to SURFids
  • Improved PDF
  • Virustotal integration in SURFids
  • New mechanism to redirect attacks to ARGOS
  • Integration between Argos, Scriptgen and Nepenthes
  • Shellcode detection in attacks targeted to Argos
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